['bæləns] 1. noun
1) (a weighing instrument.) tehtnica
2) (a state of physical steadiness: The child was walking along the wall when he lost his balance and fell.) ravnotežje
3) (state of mental or emotional steadiness: The balance of her mind was disturbed.) ravnovesje
4) (the amount by which the two sides of a financial account (money spent and money received) differ: I have a balance (= amount remaining) of $100 in my bank account; a large bank balance.) saldo
2. verb
1) ((of two sides of a financial account) to make or be equal: I can't get these accounts to balance.) uravnotežiti
2) (to make or keep steady: She balanced the jug of water on her head; The girl balanced on her toes.) držati (se) v ravnotežju
- in the balance
- off balance
- on balance
* * *
I [baeləns]
tehtnica; ravnotežje, protiutež; nihalo; kritje; commerce bilanca; saldo; American jocosely ostanek
to be ( —ali hang, tremble, swing) in the balance — viseti na nitki, biti v kritičnem položaju
to lay in balance — tvegati
off one's balance — ves iz sebe, razburjen
balance of payments — plačilna bilanca
to carry forward the balance — prenesti ostanek na nov račun
to keep one's balance — ohraniti ravnotežje
to lose one's balance — zgubiti ravnotežje
to strike a balance — narediti bilanco; najti ravnotežje; figuratively izvesti posledice
balance of power — politično ravnotežje
(trembling) in the balance — neodločen
to be weighed in the balance and found wanting — ne izpolniti upov, razočarati
II [baeləns]
transitive verb
tehtati; izenačiti; (with, against, by) držati v ravnotežju; soočiti;
intransitive verb
(between) kolebati, nihati; biti, ostati v ravnotežju
to balance the accounts with — obračuna(va)ti s
to balance the ledger — zaključiti glavno knjigo
the accounts don't balance — računi se ne ujemajo

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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